Coconut Oil Rice

Coconut Oil Rice
Coconut Rice made with coconut oil – healthy coconut rice!

Coconut Oil Rice

I’ve come across and tasted lots of coconut rice – I absolutely love Indian and Thai food!  My version of coconut rice is alot lighter than most because I don’t use coconut milk.  My light yet super buttery, creamy and oh so delicious Coconut Rice is made with using coconut oil!  This recipe is so simply made using a rice cooker!   All I do is add in my rice, water and a tablespoon of coconut oil into my rice cooker and turn it on and cook the rice until fluffy.  Enjoy my recipe demonstration below, to learn how to easily make Coconut Rice and have it with your favorite sauce such as my Chili Lime Chicken!

Coconut Oil Rice

Cooking with Chika


  • Ingredients
  • 1.5 cup rice jasmine or basmati
  • 1 to 2 heaping tablespoons coconut oil
  • 3.5 cups water


  • Place rice, water and coconut oil into rice cooker and turn on.
  • Cook rice in rice cooker until fluffy and grains separate.
  • Serve plain or with favorite sauce, stew or meat dish such as my Chili Lime Chicken.


OPTIONAL - Soak rice for 30 minutes and then rinse.
If cooking on the stove, cook over medium low heat for about 25-40 minutes or until rice is fluffy, grains are separate and water has dried

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